A Japanese Sashiko Artisan + α


    With feeling the moment in a process of Sashiko stitching, trying to figure out what the Japanese mean to us.


    A graduate of Atsushi's Sashiko Workshop (in late 2018).

    Among many other Sashiko stitching, with collaborating to Upcycle Stitches, focusing on the Sashiko Denim to make "Natsuki Collection Exhibition" happen.




    A Series of Sashiko Denim Upcycled by Natsuki Ishihara

    Natsuki Sashiko Denim 003 Back Main

    It is the Natsuki's Sashiko.


    Fabric talks.


    Expressing a view of the world is not my goal in Sashiko. I would rather end up with expressing myself as the result of dialogue to the fabric, like a form of by-product.


    I would rather be an artisan than the artist. "職人 - Shokunin" is who I am as of today.



    (Atsushi's Note)


    Instead of sharing a history of what Natsuki has accomplished, I would like to keep expressing who she is - focusing on the moment of her stitching.


    This is a debut of Natsuki's Sashiko Denim.


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    Natsuki Collection #001 White Dream - In Stock

    Levi's503 W34: L36 Thread: #10 Original White and #12 Bright White.

    MSPR: $4,780.00 (USD)

    Natsuki Collection #002 Natural - In Stock

    Levi's502 W30: L36 Thread: Kakishibu and Logwood

    MSPR: $4,780.00 (USD)

    Natsuki Sashiko Denim 003 Front


    Natsuki Collection #003 For A. - Unavailable

    More information is coming

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